Microgame S.p.A. is the leading Gaming Service Provider in Italy

Thanks to the flexibility which characterizes our  multi-channel offering – complete and competitive for both the online and land-based sector -  today Microgame is the B2B entity with the highest and most capillary territorial presence and represents a rapid access point to the regulated national market.
Products and services are designed according to  the needs of all actors: gaming operators, distribution networks, affiliates and players.
Our success is based on strong partnerships with our clients for whom Microgame is not just an extraordinary service provider but a real strategic partner.

Since 1999, our business model has been focalized on the continuous development of solutions particularly efficient for the Italian gaming market.



Microgame started its activity in 1999, focusing right from the beginning on the gaming sector: brilliant intuition and readiness for action have made the company a lighthouse and a propeller in the diffusion of new business models and new technologies and granted Microgame the role of the first mover and Italian leader in the field of online gaming.

Since 2012, the corporate structure has been stabilized with the entry of the Texas Pacific Group private equity funds ($ 66 billion of managed capital) and Monitor Clipper Partners ($ 2 billion of managed capital).
The acquisition of the provider Active Games in 2016 has allowed Microgame to extend its B2B business considerably. The resulting synergies have significantly increased the liquidity of the Network games managed by the Group.


With the incorporation of two of the Group companies - Nuova Pianeta Scommesse Srl, focalized on the land-based sector, and People's Srl, a gaming concessionaire, - in April 2017, Microgame has further strengthened its outstanding position in the domestic gaming market.
The new management with its strong and proven experience and deep knowledge regarding the Italian gaming market focuses on the most innovative technologies and the constant strengthening of the company’s leadership. 




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Our Business Model

Beyond the soundness of the company and its shareholders - which represents the engine of Micrograme’s development - three further qualities have always ensured the company’s success:


Microgame offers a wide range of solutions ranging from single turnkey services to full outsourcing: a set of customized products designed according to the needs and strategies of the Concessionaires.


Microgame's platform is tailor-made for the distribution structure of the Italian market and especially functional for online gaming marketing through both direct channels and commercial structures of the Network’s Concessionaires. 


Microgame is the only service provider in Italy ensuring a comprehensive, flexible gaming offer and continuous product development. The wide range of services, the know-how and the deep knowledge of the Italian market allow Microgame not only to offer its customers 360 degree solutions and a service calibrated to the needs of the Italian market, but also to provide a level of assistance and customization superior to any international service provider.

Microgame Team

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